Training. Cadet Officers Schooled On Explosives Devices

The 36th and 37th batches of cadet offices from the Combined Arms Services Military Academy (EMIA) received end of course diplomas after a three week internship on the mastery of explosive devices at the Specialized Center for Training and Application and Perfection (CSIAP).

Emmanuel NGOTA

Some 227 cadet officers drawn from diverse backgrounds and origins for three weeks were schooled on handling improvised explosives devices at the barracks of Genie Militaire in Douala.

According to the director of studies Bekada Rene Didier, conflicts and wars are evolving in respect to technology with the fabrication of improvised explosive devices causing conflict management to be more complex.

Thus in the face of these changing warfare mechanisms it was obviously necessary for these cadet officers from the combined arms services military academy to be inculcated with the knowledge of  handling improvised explosive devices which makes wars and conflicts more complex and at times difficult to handle.

Looking at the present security context in Cameroon, characterized by threats of all kinds of which improvised explosives devices are not left out. It is for this reason that the cadet officers were instilled with the awareness from this prestigious Specialize Centre for Training and Application and Perfection (CSIAP).

The commander of the Specialized Centre for Training and Application and Perfection highlighted that the training on explosive devices is the first of its kind to be organized by the centre and was initiated following the Boko Haram attacks in the Far North Region of Cameroon.

On his part, the Director of the Military Engineering Corps, Colonel Kamgain Jackson cossetted the cadet officers to transfer the understanding to their collaborators on the technics and tactics in handling explosives devices which is a continuous training. Colonel Kamgain Jackson stressed on the fact that in explosives devices, the first mistake is the last mistake.

To prove their savoir faire, some of the cadet officers demonstrated in the course of the ceremony presided at by the Commander of the Military Civil Engineering Corps in Douala, Colonel Amang Laurent.

It is worthy of noting that the training of cadet officers from the Combined Arms Services Military Academy entails having a first-hand knowledge on the major services that make up the Cameroon Defence Forces.

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