What Is Expected in Reintegrating these Fighters?

The Presidential decree No. 2018 /719 of 30th November 2018 which was made public last week, ushered into service former Governor Fai Yengo Francis as National coordinator president of the National Disarmament, Demobilization and reintegration committee of Ex-Boko Haram combatants and Armed Groups in the North-West and South-West Regions. This mission is a gateway to re-install peace in our beloved nation Cameroon. In the following analysis, we highlight some of the measures put in place for the effective implementation of this decree vis-a-vis reintegration.

Emmanuel NGOTA

When the prodigal son returns to his parents, he was welcomed without reproaches. Reasons being somewhere somehow that he has been able to correct himself of his mistake. This is a similar scenario Cameroon will have to deal with for a period of time not yet stated. Therefore the creation of the National Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration Committee for the Ex-Combatants of the Boko Haram sect and armed groups of the north west and south west regions who have put the nation to a 5 years stale mate affecting the Far North, North West and South West regions will have to join the camp of peace with the participation of the government, the affected communities as well as the defense and security forces. Aware of the fact that the re-integration process necessitates the collaborative participation that will have to get hold of ex-combatants not only in recuperating their arms but setting a foundation that will accept these former fighters back to their civilian lives within their communities. Worthy to note is the fact that the affected communities will have to profit from this placement by the government by providing development schemes to the benefit of the population and the affected communities so that they can back to their feet. A plea is therefore sent to all parties involved because the population will have to play the challenging role of welcoming parents who will have to assist this affected Regions and former fighters not feel rejected, nurse in them fear of the unknown, or live with constant stigma, probable feelings which are unavoidable at some point. They equally will have the guarantee of the defense and security forces that will ensure their safety at all times, all this constitute a package to be properly handled. It’s a whole ball game that involves not only the people of the Far North, North West and South West Regions but the entire nation that has been on a standstill for some years now. Nevertheless, our hope is to have peace, tranquility and serenity to set in, in our nation which is our land of glory. Together we should join the National Coordinator president of the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration committee to make it work as our responsibility.

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