African Synergy against HIV AIDS Celebrates 15 years

The African Synergy for the Fight against HIV/AIDS and Suffering is fifteen this 15th November 2017.

The Association founded by Cameroon’s First Lady Chantal Biya has been engaged in a number of philanthropic activities targeting vulnerable persons in Africa.

The Association that focuses on the fight against HIV/AIDS has been working with health
structures within countries of the African continent to impact many.

Through the Association, some seven health structures have benefited free donations of diverse equipments for quality health services.

Between 2014 -2015 the African Synergy in collaboration with an Association known as Canada-Cameroon-West Africa Chambers of Commerce (CCCCAO) supported the vulnerable population in the fields of education and health.

Very often the association has offered medical equipment, hygienic products and school equipment to children, the most recent donation made on Friday 21st July 2017.

In Cameroon, the association has made frequent donations of hospital beds, examination tables, nightstands, office materials and sundry equipment to the Mother and Child Centre of the Chantal Biya Foundation in Yaounde, the Yaounde Central Hospital, Sa’a District Hospital, Nanga Eboko District Hospital all in the Centre Region, the Sub-Divisional Medical Centre of Dimako in the East Region, the New-Bell District Hospital in the Littoral Region and the Integrated Health Centre of Menlen Zamane near Djoum in the South Region.

Upon its creation, the Pan African Synergy had fiften African First Ladies as members.


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