Autopsy Reveals Secessionists Killed US Missionary

This follows a series of controversy by the secessionist who denied their odious act.

Cynthia EFOPA

According to a press release made public by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Beti Assomo Joseph, on Tuesday October 30th, 2018, some terrorists who were on cover at Four Corners Bambui, a locality in the Tubah Sub Division, Mezam Division of the North West Region, stormed Bambui and shot Reverend Pastor Truman Wesco, an American and pastor of the Cameroon Bible Fellowship who was on board his car with his wife, son and driver. The Pastor who received a bullet at the temple was immediately rushed to the hospital where he finally gave up the ghost.

Unfortunately, the dead of this American born clergy has created a series of accusations, as the terrorists, media outlets and some political leaders who are in favor of the horrific acts of the separatists have used all methods to wipe out traces on the field, evocating at one time a genocide committed by the Defence Forces and at another indicting the Forces of Law and Order for committing murder and exactions. They tried all means to levy the atrocity on the Defence Forces but as it is said, the truth will always prevail.

An autopsy carried on the corps by experts permitted the doctors to extract from the head of the late pastor a good number of cartridges shot only with a dane gun. From this evidence, it is obviously clear that the shots came from the secessionists whose arms have always been dane guns, cutlasses, knives, sticks and other edge weapons. The very few modern weapons in their possessions were smuggled into their hideouts by mercenaries or were stole during their sporadic attacks on the Forces of Defence.

At a time when each and every one need to condole with the bereaved family of this pastor who was killed in a tragic and inhumane condition, Eric Tataw, one of the activists based in the United States of America and a member of government of the so called Ambazonian Republic, on his Facebook page congratulates the secessionists for gunning the American missionary and encouraged them to do more on foreigners.

The secessionists have been using acts of this magnitude to blackmail the Defence and Security Forces. They burn down schools, administrative infrastructures and kill children who seek to go to school, yet they turn to propagate a contrary view so as to discredit the legitimate actions of the Forces of Defence.  Cameroon has embarked on the fight against terrorism until the population of the South West and North West Regions go back to their daily activities.

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