Civil-Military Action. 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion Donate School, Didactic Materials in Ngaoundere

The beneficiaries of this benevolent gesture by the rapid intervention battalion were government primary schools Mbideng and Baladji 2, all implanted in Ngaoundere, Adamawa Region.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The donation ceremony which took place on Monday, October 15, 2018 consists mainly of white-boards and other essential learning materials for learners. This civil military action demonstrated by the 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion is to enable children to access knowledge in good conditions, to improve the learning environment for children, were some of the objectives that underpin these two donation ceremonies at Mbideng and Baladji II government schools.

This gesture by the 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion under the banner of the ministry of defence is to improve the learning conditions of youths who are future leaders of tomorrow. It is for this reason that the two directors of these schools did not fail to express their sincere gratitude to the donor on behalf of the pupil body and staffs.

On her part, the director of Baladji II bilingual primary school, Mbounwé Joséphine acknowledged the fact that with what her school just received thanks to the wave by the 5th BIR will go a long way to improve on the children’s learning conditions. As for the director of government school Mbideng, Shey Hortense, was satisfied as she affirms that the tables-benches will greatly help children and at the same time invite other people of good will to do the same. Just like Olivier Twist, she asked for the 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion to multiply her action to other schools that live on the same conditions as hers.

The commander of the 5th Rapid Intervention Battalion Major, Ndongui Esso reassures the pupils and teachers of the place of education of children in the Rapid Intervention Battalion and promises to do more to see these children take over from them if they deem it necessary. This donation of more than 150 bench-tables alongside didactic materials distributed between the two institutions translates the concept of the Army and the Nation concept and gives a helping hand to those in charge of basic education in the region of Adamawa.

It should be recalled that civil military actions CMA’s is a policy adopted by the commander in chief of the defence forces, Paul BIYA geared at solidifying the indissoluble bond that exist between the army and the nation. This policy has gone a long way in accompanying the head of state in his vision of an emerging nation come 2035. As result of this, the civilian population has gained a lot of confident in their Army, thus fuelling them with valuable information to counter attack threats that can jeopardize the territorial integrity of the Nation.

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