ELECAM Calls for Peace

Enow Abrams, president of ELECAM, prayed that the Lord removes division from the minds Cameroonians and create more gatherings in the service of the general interest, this was during the 9th national morning prayer.

Emmanuel NGOTA

Enow Abrams Egbe relies on the Lord for Cameroon to experience appeasement after the presidential election. Mutations published on November 23 reports that the President of the Elections Cameroon Electoral Council participated Thursday, at the 9th edition of the national morning of prayer at the Notre Dame des Victoires cathedral in Yaounde.

The prayer formulated by the former governor of the region is published in the newspaper. “Our God, our father, we have opted for democracy, a system that requires the consent of the majority. We thank you for the renewed interest in politics and we pray for a deep understanding of democracy by citizens. We pray that you remove from us the division and that you create more rally in the service of the general interest, “begged Enow Abrams.

The head of the body in charge of the elections also prayed to the Almighty “so that all the actors agree on the various rules that govern the process”. “The victory of a party or a candidate according to the accepted rules implored, must above all, keep us united for the same purpose, that of rebuilding a common future. Give us Lord, understand that Cameroon will develop with all the people, “begged Abrams Egbe.

These pleas by the President of the Electoral Council of ELECAM come after a presidential election after which the body he leads was strongly criticized, accused of partisans in favor of Paul Biya, reelected with 71, 28% of votes.

For this purpose, the Chief Electoral Officer is vested with all the powers necessary for the performance of his duties. It reports to the Electoral Council at least once a quarter and as often as necessary during the election period. After each ballot, the Director General of Elections is responsible for the centralization of all election documents and materials and their preservation. He prepares the final report on the conduct of elections. The Director General of Elections administers Elections Cameroon under the authority of the Electoral Council. He attends the Electoral Council meetings in an advisory capacity. He represents Elections Cameroon within the scope of his powers and may sue. The Deputy Director General of Elections exercises the powers and performs the tasks entrusted to him by the Director General of Elections as part of the administration of Elections Cameroon. The General Directorate of Elections has Support Structures.

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