Government Launched Project to Curb Illegal Migration

Cameroon youths have been called upon to follow legal procedure if they must travel abroad. The call was made in Yaounde during a press conference to launch the “LOOK I AM BACK PROJECT” which seeks to discourage legal migration. The project to run for six months seeks to sensitize the public on the ill experiences that awaits those who were involved in illegal migration to Asia, Europe and other countries.

Johnson ETAPE

Traveling abroad most often turns out to be a dreadful experience especially for youths who think that Europe, Asia and America are paradise on earth. Young Africans and Cameroonians who are convinced that the best of everything is abroad are sometimes enslaved and tortured. Videos and Photos of young Cameroonian girls are today very common Facebook and other social media networks showing horrible treatments meted on these youths especially in some countries like Lebanon, Kuwait, and other Muslim countries. Unfortunately, when youth watch or see these pictures their desire to travel out of the country still doesn’t die down. Most of the educated youths prefer traveling abroad to do menial jobs than working in informal sector in Cameroon. 30 years old Oga Owona who tries to leave Cameroon in 2015 for Lebanon during the conference shared her dreadful experience in her master house. She said she was a victim of rape, intimidation and face constant discrimination and intimidation from her boss. As she put it (my sisters, never go to Lebanon, it’s not a paradise those people don’t consider us human beings. We are just slaves and objects to them). She explained how she saved in Lebanon by philanthropist whom she made on facebook. Her case is just one of the thousands of cases of torture outside the country face by young Cameroonian immigrants.

Yaounde press briefing has been a platform to raise an alarm on the dangers of illegal migration. Hervey Kemleu who is the facilitator of the “look I am back project”, puts that, illegal migration is very dangerous following figures from the international organizations for migration. Statistics indicate that twenty-six thousands deaths have been confirmed from 2014 to 2017.  Again it was underline that the consequences of these phenomenon are far reaching and profound because the exact number of victim and death are never known too well. Many youths traveling illegally to Europe have died in the high seas, forest and in the desert while others have been imprisoned in transition countries, Like Morocco which is a boarder country to Spain. The prevalence of these casualties and the alarm raised from the “look I am back project” seems to have fallen on deaf ears because the rate keeps up increasing in 2018.


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