Hadj 2018. Paul Biya offers Gifts to Pilgrims

This is to demonstrate his total support and facilitate their journey and sojourn to the holy land.

Cynthia EFOPA

Muslims faithful are already on their way to the Holy Land in Mecca. After the government issued a press release on the right process to follow so as to be retain for Hadj 2018, it was now time for those who respected the outlines to go for prayers in the land they believe Allah is more than ever present. In this last phase, the government did not leave them empty handed. The President of the Republic, Paul Biya donated them gifts of travelling bags that will enable them to pack in their belongings. The bags that carried the colors of the Cameroon flag; green, red, yellow and a symbol of the reunification monument will help them identify their luggage easily as they travel from Cameroon to Mecca. On each of the bag the word ‘HADJ 2018’ was written in both English and French. In Yaounde, the bags were handed to the pilgrims by the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji, representing the Head of State. While handing over the gifts to the pilgrims in Yaounde, Minister Atanga Nji told the pilgrims that the donation is an evidence of the high concern the Head of State bestow on them. He is concern to see them carry a peaceful and prayerful pilgrimage. He exhorted them to be friendly, respect all the rules that will make their visit to the Holy Land memorable and most importantly they should be ambassadors of Cameroon in Mecca. In return, the Imams and the faithful thanked the Head of State for his total support. They promised to pray for peace to return to some parts of Cameroon and for its citizens to be law abiding.

The donation of gifts was not just limited to Muslims in Yaounde. Pilgrims in Douala, Adamawa and the other regions equally received the travelling bags from the hands of their regional governors. In the Adamawa region, the over 646 pilgrims who assembled at the Garoua airport thanked President Paul Biya and corroborated the view of those in Yaounde as they also voiced their will to do their best in praying for the return of normalcy in the North and South West Regions.  They prayed that Allah should bless the Cameroon government with wisdom so they will take the right decision to drive Cameroons towards a safe harbor.

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