Humanitarian Emergency Assistance Plan. Internally Displace Person in Ngoma Receive Aid

The humanitarian assistance aid by the government was handed to internally displaced person in Ngoma by the Secretary General of the Littoral Region, Kinou Thierry last Thursday August 2, 2018 in Douala.

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In all some 60 internally displaced persons who escaped from the ferocity in the South West and North West Regions perpetrated by the terrorist secessionist group, received support from government on Thursday, August 2nd. On hand to deliver the aid was the clerk of the Littoral Region Kinou Thierry representing the Governor, who said this is just the first consignment of assistance as more is still to come.

While handing the humanitarian aid, Kinou Thierry said the granting of the assistance falls within the implementation phase of the government’s emergency assistance programme to victims of violence in the North West and South West regions. He added that before they came up with their assistance, the government has pumped in the sum of 13 Billion francs to carter for the distress caused by the socio-political crisis. He admonished the displaced people to make good use of the assistance offered and while at the same time calling on the administrators of the area to make sure the gifts reach the right benefactors.

Speaking earlier, the Sub divisional Officer for Douala V, Zacchaeus Bakoma Elango acknowledges that he made several trips to Ngoma PK 27 accompanied by the sub divisional officer for Douala III, to identify the beneficiaries and it is on the basis of the lists established that the gifts were being distributed.

From the findings gathered so far, among the internally displaced persons to Ngoma PK 27 are from the Menchum division North West Region. About 20 of them relocated to this locality since 2017 while the majority (about 40) were displaced this year.

According to Azih Lydia, a displaced lady from Benakuma, the gifts received is going to help her much because since her arrival in Ngoma, she has been sleeping on the bare floor and didn’t have enough to eat or feed her two children.

It was a similar experience by Unji Samson, a father of four, still from Benakuma in the North West, who said the assistance was a welcomed gesture as he ran away without collecting anything from his house which was later burnt down by the secessionists.

Amongst the gifts distributed to the 60 internally displaced persons comprised of mattresses, blankets, buckets, toilet tissues, cubes of soap, rice, tooth paste, sugar and cooking oil.

The civilian populations, mostly in rural areas, have paid the highest price of the ugly war imposed by the terrorists on the Cameroonian people. Victims of numerous atrocities (assassination, theft, rape, abduction, extortion, etc.) and gripped by the fear created by threats, intimidations, fake news, etc., many of them have sought refuge abroad or in other regions of Cameroon.

Although the Cameroonian people once more demonstrated their hospitality and great spirit of solidarity towards their compatriots in distress, the Government thought it necessary to prepare a structured and overall assistance plan to address the urgent and essential needs of the populations living under terrorist threats or forced to abandon the quiet of their homes and their activities, and to flee from the murderous madness of these terrorists.

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