Humanitarian Emergency Plan. West Region Tops Contribution Chart

Sons and daughters of the West Region turned out in their number at the conference hall of the West Governor’s office to contribute their own portion of the much needed fund as a sign of solidarity to the people of the North West and South West regions.

Cynthia EFOPA

The outcome of the meeting was very significant. More than 430 million CFA francs was contributed by the elites and sons and daughters who originates from the West region.  Since the exercise started, this has been the highest amount contributed. The people of the West region are known for their hospitality, hard work and solidarity. This was just an occasion for them to show brotherly love to their brethren of the South and North West regions whose activities have greatly taken a nose dive due to terrorists’ activities perpetuated by the separatist terrorists group. During the exercise that took place Last Friday in Bafoussam, the Governor of the region, as representative of the government kicked open the exercise with the sum of 2 million CFA francs, followed was Senator Ngouchinghe Sylvester and Honorable Jean Claude Feutheu with the sum of 100 million francs each. All the administrative Divisions of the region equally turned out under their respective canopies to donate what they gathered.

Speaking during the ceremony, the patriarchs of the Nde Division said their contribution to this Humanitarian Emergency Plan launched by the Head of State is meant to bring back peace. They acknowledge that peace does not have a price and as beggars of peace they are ready to go an extra mile just to see to it that peace reign in the North and South West regions. On her part, Senator Micheline Dsamou who was also present, appealed that all money collected should be used judiciously for the purpose of alleviating the plight of the suffering population in the two regions were the socio-political upheaval keeps making news. The commitment witness in the ranks of the West region is evident of their unalloyed support to the Head of State who they termed as a President of peace.  The money was deposited in a special account meant for the purpose.

The people of the West region just like other regions in Cameroon have been very active in lending a hand to a brotherly region in problem. This has been the same case some years back for victims of Boko Haram. For the latter, the West region contributed the sum of 800 million CFA francs. As contributions continues, work on the different priority area will kick off this week.

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