Ministry Of Trade Organises Promotional Sales For Ramadam

The Ministry of trade has organized a promotional trade fair to enable Muslims buy basic food stuffs at affordable prices.

Cynthia Efopa

As Muslim faithful’s all around the world gear up for the preparation of the celebration of the religious feast of the Ramadam, the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Trade is putting hands on deck to facilitate the celebration of this religious feast by the Muslim community in Cameroon. Despite how factual it is that the feast of the Ramadam is to be celebrated, it equally remains a fact that not all households will be able to stand to the cost of such celebration at their different levels due to one reason or the other, for as it is often said all fingers are not the same.

To reduce the cost of expenditure and make every Muslims enjoy the feast, the Ministry of Trade through its regional delegations has organized special promotional trade fair ahead of the celebration of the feast due to take place this week. This trade fair that has been organized by the government in collaboration with some Muslim dignitaries, partners and persons of good will is aimed at ensuring that the Muslim community acquires basic commodities such as sugar, flour milk and vegetable oil at affordable prices. In the capital city of Yaounde, the Center Regional Delegate for Trade mentioned that the different sales caravan will be stationed on special junctions linked to predominantly Muslim neighborhoods to permit proximity to the population. That notwithstanding, the shopping center situated at the premises of the regional delegation of trade will equally be open to meet the same objective.

The Muslim community is now at the last phase of the 30 days period that marks the celebration of the Ramadam.  Ramadam fasting which they are rounding off with main prayer session is divided into three parts, the first ten days is the period of grace, the second ten days is the period of forgiveness of sins while the last ten days are dedicated to the night of power. During this difficult period in confinement, Muslim clerics all over Cameroon implore Allah’s blessings on Cameroon and called for peace and unity for a one and indivisible Cameroon. They invited Muslim faithful’s to intensify prayers and forgive one another.

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