North-West/ South West Crisis

Through the humanitarian assistance program put in place by the head of state, Paul Biya, the governor of the North-West Region, Adolphe Lele Lafrique handed over 30.000 frs cfa per family and other consignments to internally displaced persons in Santa, North West Region.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The ongoing socio-political crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions has caused untold suffering among the population. This has provoked the displacement of persons in and out of the country for safety. Those who flee from the battle between the separatist and government forces are opportune to be welcomed by go od Samaritans or family members.

Santa sub-division of the north west region happens to be one of the safe havens that harbours internally displaced persons; reasons why the number one authority of the north west region Adolphe Lele Lafrique took off time to visit some internally displaced persons on the 1st of December 2018.

Governor Lele Lafrique didn’t only come to sympathize with the internally displaced persons and to congratulate those who house, but also came with some consignments of house hold items, food and stuff and financial support registered under the humanitarian assistance project put in place by the head of state Paul Biya to see into the livelihood of these victims on the ongoing socio-political crisis.

The venue for the distribution of these humanitarian assistance was at the esplanade of the divisional office in Santa where the concerned received basic commodities for their survival which included among others, mattresses, tablets of soap, bags of rice, sugar, blankets, sardines, vegetable oil and the sum of 30.000 Frs cfa each to family heads for their up keep.

While distributing the humanitarian assistance aid to the internally displaced persons to the Santa sub-division, the governor of the north west region assured them with comforting words that the government will always be by their side so as to ameliorate their livelihood and at the same time watch over them security wise. In this respect, Governor Adolphe Lele Lafrique urged the displaced persons to exercise calm and patience as the government is doing everything in her power to solve the prevailing crisis. Added to this, he called on the populace to advise some members of their family and those of their community who have took up arms to join armed groups.

The number one administrator concluded by comforting those who have lost their beloved ones, raped, kidnapped for ransom, houses burnt, and property looted. In this vein he urges the population to work in the direction of peace and serenity as development cannot be achieved in the midst of war.

Speaking to Cameroon report, the head of the distribution of the humanitarian assistance for the North West Region said they are working to encourage other displaced persons who are reluctant to show up and receive their assistance.

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