President Biya’s Compassion extended to Limbe Landslide Victims

The Regional Governor and the Territorial Administration envoy visited the scene of the incident in Limbe III Council area during which government assurances were given to the victims.

Shawn-Nathan EPANG

Four people are confirmed dead and ten others hospitalised following the landslide that occurred in Mbonjo, Limbe III Sub-Division in Fako Division of the South West Region on July 24. The unfortunate incident followed long hours of heavy downpour that provoked floods and mudslide in the sea side resort town of Limbe. President Paul Biya and wife, through the Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, has expressed their compassion to the victims of the Limbe landslide.

Visiting the scene of the incident in Mbonjo, the Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, expressed Government’s sympathy to the victims and regretted the deaths.

The Governor, however, warned persons constructing homes in dangerous areas like Mbonjo to desist. He advised the inhabitants of Limbe to obey local authorities’ advice in matters of urban construction.

Mr. Okalia Bilai grieved that since when he was Senior Divisional Officer for Fako a decade ago several warnings and educational campaigns had been done to deter people from building homes in such risky terrain. The Governor also visited the victims of the landslide in Limbe Hospital after supervising the continuous search for the missing members of the affected family.

Meanwhile, the Director of Civil Protection in the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Madam Yap Mariatou, who was dispatched by the Minister, explained that she was in Limbe so that a complete and detailed analysis of the situation is done for government to take quick and proper alleviating measures.

Madam Mariatou said immediate action would be taken to resolve the situation as well as short and long term plans developed to ensure such incidents do not occur again in Limbe.

She announced that a crisis committee had been set up to manage the Mbonjo incident but that henceforth local authorities must ensure that they do not limit action to warning notes but should also ensure that appropriate measures are applied on the ground to prevent people from settling in disaster prone locations.

Honourable Gladys Etombi, Member of Parliament for Fake East Constituency which covers Limbe and Tiko urged government to take urgent measures to forestall future occurrences of such natural disasters. The similar incident that happened in Limbe in 2001, she said should have served as a lesson. She advised administrative authorities to go beyond written warnings and rather take concrete actions to deter the population from constructing on such risky zones. The Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council and as well the city’s administrative authorities accompanied the Governor to the field.

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