Social Inclusion. A Core Value In Presidential Couple’s Agenda

The Head of State and the First Lady, are committed to the integration of the socially venerable in all aspects of national life. Apart from the activities of the various sectorial ministries, the Circles of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC) Mrs Chantal Biya’s charity organisation has been in all the nooks and crannies of the country to provide assistance to the vulnerable persons.

The government of Cameroon and its international partners like the UNESCO, UNICEF, Sights avers, Plan Cameroon, and Care Cameroon amongst others have been leaving no stone unturned to promote social inclusion of all groups of people. The Ministry of Social Affairs is championing the implementation of President Paul Biya’s social inclusion agenda. Other ministries implicated includes Basic Education, Secondary Education, Public Health and Women Empowerment and the family.

The Ministry of Social Affairs on instruction of the President has drawn up a national strategy plan to prevent incapacities, fight against social ills, and improvement of social protection system of socially vulnerable persons. The Ministry also carries on with the national solidarity and social justice programme with the main objective of ensuring the social and economic re-insertion of socially vulnerable persons. Thus, the Head of State’s national integration policy encompasses every Cameroon.

As far as education is concerned, primary education in all State-owned schools in Cameroon is free. This action by the Head of State several years ago, was in consonance to UN Millennium Goal on attainment of universal education by all. President Paul Biya therefore scrapped the payment of tuition fees in primary schools to give access to education for all children be it poor or physically challenged.  Health wise, President Paul Biya also instructed the government to implement free treatment of malaria and tuberculosis for children below five years old. This, to give access to health care for all and curb infant mortality in the country.

President Biya’s move to rehabilitate and revive the Betamba Social Centre for the Protection of Children with psychological needs is also another giant step to promote social inclusion in the country. The Centre will henceforth have modern facilities including Information and Communication Technologies where delinquent children can discover new opportunities for the betterment of their lives. Several other such institutions like the Handicap Rehabilitation Centre in Etoug-Ebe Yaounde, the Bulu Blind Centre as well as the Borstal Institute in Buea fully funded by the State are changing lives of maladjusted children and giving hope to those kids who felt they are outcasts in the society.

Chantal Biya Assisted 256 Women, Youth Associations In 2017

Mrs Chantal Biya, Cameroon’s First Lady and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador has been relentless in her social actions which supports the social policy of the State. Her humanitarian gestures crisscrossed the national territory with various gifts to the underprivileged rural communities.  Her actions goes to confirm the adage that behind every successful man, there is a successful woman. Through her several humanitarian organizations notably, the Circles of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), the Chantal Biya Foundation, Africa Synergy against HIV/AIDS and Sufferings, the First Lady is strongly behind her darling husband in fostering social wellbeing of Cameroonians.

It emerged from CERAC’s General Assembly last December that the First Lady’s charitable association assisted some 256 women and youth groups in all the ten regions of the country in 2017. Each time the caravan went out, trucks of goodies were taken to the rural communities such as farming tools, ICTs equipment, medical and health equipment, didactic materials amongst others. CERAC has rehabilitated and equipped many schools and hospitals in many parts of the country. Statistics during the last evaluation holds that about 35,000 Cameroonians were assisted by Mrs. Chantal in 2017 alone. CERAC’s plan of action for 2017 was largely positive with over 90 per cent of its activities realized.

Shawn-Nathan Epang

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