AFCON 2019. Littoral Almost on a Good Footing

In under some months from now, Cameroon will be hosting one of Africa’s biggest football jamboree, the African Cup of Nation (AFCON) and the Littoral Region will be hosting one of the group matches.

Emmanuel NGOTA

In order for the festive event to be a one to reckon with, structural projects are ongoing nationwide which cuts across stadia, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, roads and a lot other tasks. It is for this reason that the government is pressing hard for these projects to be delivered before the prescribed deadline.

It is for this reason that the governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Ivaha Diboua paid an inspection sightsee to the different AFCON sites not only to take stock of the work carried out so far by the different contractors but also to prepare the visit by the Prime Minister and Head of Government as well as the CAF delegation who will be visiting the projects in the month of August. So far so good, the Governor of the Littoral Region after visiting some of the sites, he was seemingly satisfied with the level of work carried out so far as he called on the contractors to speed up work by recruiting more man power as well as the acquisition of equipment fit for the works.

The Governor also saluted the composure and understanding existing between the employers and the employees as no act of dissatisfaction has been recorded so that can provoke strike actions to jeopardize the smooth execution of the projects.

As concerns the level of accomplishment, the Japoma stadium which is to host the group matches is completed by 51%, implying that 96% of concrete work has been done. While the tribune on its part stands at 100%, whereas the sports complex and the pavements records 46% and 32% respectively.

According to the project director of the Yenigun Company in charge of constructing the Japoma stadium acknowledges that despite the 21 days interruption, it can be rest assured that they will deliver the goods according to the deadline prescribed by the contract deal which is by the end of October 2018.

The Mbappe Leppe, Bonamousadi and the Reunification stadia are not left out of this AFCON schemes as the construction work is moving steadily but surely as underscored by the officials of Magil Company. The officials added to the fact that as soon as the ground work is completed which happens to be the most difficult part of the job, then the work will speedily take off. As of now all the stadia, pitches are ready with all the necessary piping and filling. What is left at this juncture is the planting of the turf. At the same time, in the course of the inspection tour, Governor Samuel Ivaha Diboua visited some structures which are affiliated to the competition like hotels, hospitals, roads as well as the airport.

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