AFCON 2019. Prime Minister Visits AFCON Projects in the West Region

Ahead of the African Cups of Nations to be played in Cameroon next year, the Prime Minister Head of Government travelled to the West region to inspect the level of work on some vital infrastructures to be used during the games.

Cynthia EFOPA

The marathon visit of the Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang to the West region on Monday, June 9 2018 was essentially to take stock of the level of work done on the different infrastructures that will serve during the African Cup of Nations to be hosted by Cameroon next year. His first stop was at the Bafoussam airport, here they explained the level of work done to improve on the quality of reception, security and the comfort of passengers. Without wasting time, the Prime Minister and his delegation moved over to the Mbounda Municipal Stadium that is to serve as a training ground for teams that are found in Poll F in Bafoussam. Philemon Yang listened attentively to the contractor who had just spread the lawn. Next was the Bafoussam Regional Hospital. A tour of the structure from the emergency unit to the Ngaouchinghe Sylvestre Block constructed for consultation purposes made the inspection team to conclude that all was in good shape in the structure. The inspection team then moved to Haut-Nkam and the High Plateau Divisions to inspect hotel infrastructures that will lodge delegations that will sojourn in Bafoussam. In the High Plateau Division otherwise known by the population as the “touristic village of Bangou”, Hotel Tagidor Garden Palace stands out tall as a veritable attractive touristic site. It has a beautiful environment and relief.  The Bandjoun and Bafoussam Municipal Stadia was the next stop. Followed was the Bafoussam Municipal Stadium and the Bafoussam Tocket stadium all training grounds as spelled out by CAF. Here, Philemon Yang was brief on the level of work carried out. And last in the region was the visit to the Zingana hotel, the Bafoussam city council multisport complex that is considered as the AFCON village and the Bafoussam Fan zone. At the close of the inspection tour was a meeting at the Governor’s office during which the Prime Minister, Head of Government made recommendations to all those involved in the completion of works on the different projects.

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