AFCON 2019. Cameroon Cannot be sanctionned due to the Negligence of Whoever

After a marathon visit of the AFCON projects in the West region, the Prime Minister, Head of Government recommend contractors to double efforts.

Cynthia EFOPA

To all the different contractors assembled at the conference hall of the West Regional Governors Office, the Prime Minister was clear in his speech “we are waiting for an inspection team of the African Football Federation that is due in Cameroon in the weeks ahead. And you all are very good partners of Cameroon. We wished that all the projects should be ready before the arrival of the CAF delegation. If there is an enterprise that is not capable to complete its work and that causes Cameroon to be sanction, that enterprise will cease to be a friend and a partner to Cameroon. For Cameroon cannot be sanctioned due to the negligence of whoever…” this was one of the warnings giving in very hard terms by the Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang after carrying an inspection tour of all the AFCON projects in the West regions. He was addressing all concern with the completion of projects; administrative heads, private and public enterprises and all involved in the process. He continued that they can’t undermine Cameroonians passion for football and the leading role the game plays in Cameroons public life. In this light he mentioned that they very much count on the different contractors to meet up with deadlines for he reminded them that Presidents Biya has assured the public of his country’s capacity to be ready before the deadlines.

For enterprises charged with the construction of sporting infrastructures, the Prime Minister recommends they should intensify work even at night so as to catch up with time. They must do their best to respect the time table of the African Football Federation.

To those in charge of providing water, electricity and telephone network (Camwater, Eneo, Camtel), they too were asked to accelerate work in their different project sites and to those tasked with hotel infrastructures, they must respect all the prescription of the last inspection mission of CAF and must beef up the quality of their personnel notably in terms of their bilingual nature. He appealed to the administrators to facilitate payment and clearing procedures of all materials destined for the organization of the 2019 African Nations Cup. From there, the Prime Minister and his delegation took a flight for Garoua to continue with the same mission.

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