Dixiades: A Game Of Peace And Unity

The town of Bafoussam in six months’ time will play host to the Dixiade games. The President of the National Olympics and Sports Committee Hamad Kalkaba Malboum was at the cabinet of the Senate president to call for the total support of the population of the West Region.

Cynthia Efopa

Patronize by the President of the Republic of Cameroon, the Dixiades is a national multisport competition that takes place every two years for a period of six days in the different capital cities of the country. It was created by the General Assembly of the Cameroons National Olympics Committee in 1993 with the objective to bring together primary school pupils of all the ten regions to compete in ten different sports disciplines as a sign of peace, love, oneness, fraternity and cohesion, this to portray the spirit of fair play and oneness. It was equally meant to promote the development and rehabilitation of sporting infrastructures in each of the regions of the country. The organization of the yearly competition has been rotating from one region to another. This year it is the turn of the West region. Given that it is a manifestation that assembles multi forms of resources, the President of the Cameroon National Olympics and Sports Committee Hamad Kalkaba Malboum thought it wise to pay an audience to the Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji not only in his capacity as the Senate president but also as an elite of the West Region. The audience was to gain his total support and that of the people of the West Region in  welcoming all the participants and sports men and women of the game in a spirit of fraternity, especially in this context where Cameroons distractors are terrible jealous of the countries unity in diversity.

The upcoming Dixiade games that will hold from the 10th-20th December of this year is expected to rally some over 3500 sports men and women  emanating from all the regions of Cameroon . Six months to its start off, the President of the Olympic Committee wish to make sure that all preparations are on good footing. The protocol of understanding with the Bafoussam Urban Council has been attained, this with the support of the Governor of the West Region who is the president of the local organization committee. A follow up committee has been put in place and the contributions of the elites, traditional authorities and the population of the West Region is highly solicited. For the competition will be just another opportunity to rally the Cameroons children under one spirit, showcase the touristic and cultural potentials of the West region and boost its economy.

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