WAFCON Total 2019

The lionesses are putting up a spectacular show at the women’s Africa cup of nation total 2019 in Ghana as they over powered their two opponents Mali and Algeria in the group games.

Emmanuel NGOTA

The fans of the lioness’s football team are enjoying every bit of the games as the girls of Joseph Briand Ndoko are proving their worth in the mastery of the game as they have crushed their first two opponents in the group stages.

First came on the roll were the Malian team which showed some level of preparedness during the 17 of November encounter where they thrashed their counterparts 2-1 giving them much confidence to sail through in the game. This victory by the lionesses paved a way for an encounter many termed as the clash of the titans. But to the greatest dismay of football pundits it was a piece of cake for the lionesses as they trampled over the fennecs of Algeria by 3 goals to 1.

According to Joseph Briand Ndoko, coach of the indomitable lionesses of Cameroon said even though they have two victories into their credit they will continue to strive for the best so that they can gun for glory. Coach Briand Ndoko added that from every indication the talk on every lip is about the indomitable lionesses as they are considered as the best team so far in their group and in the competition as well. But inspite the outstanding performances recorded by the lionesses from the start of the game, they are not sleeping on their laurels.

The team is conscious of the challenges that await them as the next group games will be pitting the lionesses and the black queens of Ghana, the host country. Joseph Briand Ndoko in an interview granted by Cameroon report confirmed that the black queens of Ghana are now gaining stamina in the game due to their physical readiness. It is a must watch team as they will lock horns with the indomitable lionesses on Friday November 23, 2018.

Speaking to the captain, Christine Manie a defender said the road is still long as the match on Friday will be a stiff one. That is why they are doing everything possible to have a good result. As of Raissa Feudjio (midfielder) added that Ghana will give their best with the hope of qualifying and on the part of the lionesses, they hope to do everything in their expertise to be ahead of them. While the striker Nchout Ajara Njoya concluded that they have all the qualities needed to win the final of the WAFCON Total 2019.

The girls of Joseph Briand Ndoko has one main objective in the competition that of lifting the trophy and secure a ticket for the world cup. The indomitable lionesses have appeared in every edition of the competition and they have finished as runners up in four editions and in the last edition in 2016 in Cameroon, they lost to the super eagles of Nigeria 0-1.

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