A bucket of 22 Million for Paul Biya. Diamare Division in Campaign

The sum of 22 million francs cfa has been raised by the CPDM supporters in Diamare division to fund campaigns the CPDM candidate Paul Biya in the October 7th presidential election. This was during a ceremony chaired in Maroua by the leaders of the Diamare divisional campaign team and minister delegate at the ministry of finance Yaoba Abdoulaye.

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From grassroots members of the ruling CPDM party who came out with 500 or 1000 francs cfa to senior officials and members of government who went far as beyond a million francs cfa, the commitment and determination to have funds needed for the a successful conduct of campaigns for the CPDM candidate Paul Biya was visible. Even as the sum of 22 million francs was raised 17 sub commissions were still created by the CPDM officials in Diamare division. For the coordinator of the CPDM campaign team in the Diamare division minister Yaoba Abdoulaye pointed out that their objective is to secure at least 95 percent of the 270 registered voters in Diamare division. Boubakary Abdoulaye one of the committee members said he was very satisfied by the money collected and with the population who gave the money to finance their campaign and permit the Diamare division to be as usual one of the main divisions in favor of their candidate president Paul Biya.

As explained by the head of divisional permanent delegation to the Diamare division senator Sylvester Ngochigue, the North region of the country occupies a special place in the mind and special programs of the head of state president Paul Biya. This is the reason why CPDM supporters in the North were encouraged not to relent their effort towards ensuring the victory of Paul Biya. They people were reminded that the third personality in the state of Cameroon is a son from the north region and that is enough indication of the trust and love Paul Biya has for the people of the area. Concerning what directly benefits the people of the north division, they were reminded of the giant projects that are currently being realized in the area. Prominent amongst these projects are the construction of stadia to host the 2019 AFCON cup of nations, hotels to lodge visitors who will be coming into the country and rehabilitation of earth roads. Almost all the speakers who took to the rostrum drilled CPDM militants of the North division on the need to preserve peace and unity in Cameroon. The task is therefore very exacting though the CPDM sections officials are also counting on the support of allies of the party to secure a huge victory for President Paul Biya in Diamare division come October 7th.

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