Cameroonian Opposition: What Proposal For National Construction

Since the outcome of the presidential election of 7 October 2018, which saw President Paul Biya re-elected for a new seven-year term, the Cameroonian opposition, which had not already proposed much, had faded away in a disconcerting silence, Not bringing any ideas into the business of the state. Is the Cameroonian opposition mature, or does it not only feed attention to the sharing of the cake?


The spectacle offered by opposition leaders during the various remedies before the Constitutional Court was a humiliating exercise for a republic on the march. The opposition shone with a serious inconsistency of the argument, vaporizing with rather startling shortcomings, or pouring into unnecessary political and sociological diatribes, when it was a question of raising failures or sprains in Electoral process leading to the contradiction of the results. There were candidates who worked at polling stations where they did not have observers. In fact, the basis of their defence was sufficiently light to the point where Maître Atangana Amougou, a lawyer defending the interests of the CPDM, was able to give a lesson in constitutional law to the defendant’s college. One would then have expected that past the course of a joke of very bad taste following this fist little glowing, the nation would continue its march, with an opposition supposed to regulate public action by bringing relevant proposals. It is the role of an opposition, which is that of snooping and disputing by successive arguments, even if the company is often hailed in bad faith. Alas, No. It confined itself to the problems of the stomach. Apart from the regulatory pass of appeal provided for by the Cameroonian electoral law which is sanctioned by a decision of the Constitutional Council, we were unfortunately entitled to the recurrent posturing of the candidate of the Renaissance Movement of Cameroon, Professor Maurice Kamto, having declared himself the winner of the presidential election, not without exposing a serious megalomania. All shame drunk, this initiative still unhappy, caused the level of opposition to sink; the MRC candidate nevertheless came in second position of this election consultation. Nominees Cabral Libii and Osih Joshua have been sporadically seen in activities that are not to warm the base of their supporters abandoned to their fate while the deadline of the legislative and municipal points to the horizon, and maybe even the regional ones. Political combat is a marathon, and one should believe in his ideas that plume the only vision of a single man who comforted in a fight without adversary might not give the best of himself. Indeed, governance without responsible opposition can afford everything, because having no sensor to monitor any slippages on a deserted highway. The relay of this opposition would have huddled in the press that has made political and scientific debate, a quarrel of dressers. The social networks helping, the political climate has become extremely polluted, by unpatriotic ingredients that plague the national consciousness. Several facts of the news disturb us when they are analyzed by the actors of the opposition. It is recalled that candidates had also pledged their bail to the current irredentist movement, others welcomed the withdrawal of the Organization from the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon. With this mixed commitment, will Cameroon win the challenges that dot the road to emergence? The geostrategic global evolution, even geopolitical, shows that the options taken by Cameroon were not as bad, otherwise they are always heavier by the ballast of the permanent challenge where one loses a crazy time in the acutance, and In the denial of the systematic, as far as government action is concerned.

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