Cameroon’s Image in Build Up to 2019 AFCON

Barely few months to go, the impression of the country to the entire nation is important. Certain manner and mannerism must be wade off so as to sell a good image of the country which is Africa in miniature.

Cynthia EFOPA

The sensitization and conscientization of the Cameroon population is imperative especially at this moment that the country is preparing to receive some 24 countries and other tourists and visitors from all over the world. Much money has been invested by the government to put in place magnificent structures to host the game, but all this will just be an image of itself if the population does not use this opportunity to illustrate its patriotism towards the fatherland by showcasing the wonders of the country thereby indirectly selling its image to future investors and a destination for tourist.

Patriotism calls for a spirit of defense for ones nation at all times. Unfortunately, some Cameroonians at home and abroad have made it a hobby to spread negative image of Cameroon, spreading false rumor of the country’s political, economic and social system. Some even went as far as publishing on the internet that the Confederation of African Football -CAF has stripped Cameroon of its hosting right of the 2019 African Cup of Nations.  This was even debunked by the Moroccan Minister of Youths and Sports who stated that his country has no ambitions of hosting the African Cup of Nations. He further voiced that the delay in construction of infrastructures has never been a factor of denial of any form. He advanced his country’s total support for Cameroon and regretted the fake news spread by people of bad fate.

Some must have travel extensively and whether u like it or not, each individual has the urge to come back to the fatherland Cameroon. As the country prepares its best to receive visitors, customer services from hotel management, taxi drivers, and waiters at the airports must know its marketing hour for Cameroon. All should know it is time to sell Cameroons image at the highest price by posing acts of sympathy, cleanliness, politeness, and honesty. People should turn away from insult. They must be conscious, attitude and behavior must change. Good ethics and love language must be the watchword. The waiters must be able to give an impression that leaves the visitors stunned. Public toilets must be clean, drivers must take care of their taxis more than ever before, and this will help to give a lasting memory of a good country full of polite and welcoming persons.  Cameroonians must be ready to package their knowhow and sell them in a subtle and sublime manner that will entice and touch visitors. Just each and every one has a role to play. All stakeholders must contribute to look at Cameroon as a treasure and give it the importance it deserves. All the pull factor must be activated, lets advertise Cameroons potentials and her cost effectiveness.

Image is power, the moment Cameroonians can package and sell out what it has the reward will be lasting. While the government is focusing on magnificent structures, enterprises should concentrate on working on those little but very important issues that will captivate a visitor and give him or her a second thought of coming back to Cameroon.

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