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The government of Cameroon has promised to help talented school leavers who come up with feasible achieve their aim. The Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic Orders, Jacques Fame Ndongo made the pledge when his ministry signed a memorandum of understanding with group of private sector operators.

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The Minister expressed government’s determination to stem the tide of unemployment among graduates and other high school leavers through close follow up of talented ones to help become not only self-employed, but outstanding entrepreneurs. He urged gifted graduates to take part in the national test on the search for talents, code named ‘Concour Genie et talents de l’etudient Cameroonians, GETEC; promising that those who distinguish themselves in that test will be highly favoured. “The government will follow you up until we make sure that you have realized what ever project you plan to embark on,” the Higher Education Minister assured. Among the institutions he signed the memorandum of understanding with were the National Employment Fund, NEF; the Cameroon Enterprises Movement, ECAM; the agency for the promotion of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises as well as the Bank for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Not less than thirteen articles were identified in the memorandum. Some of them include: The putting in place of a national program for the promotion of entrepreneurship among Cameroonians, especially University graduates who come up with viable projects so that government and these establishments could follow them up to maturation. The training and building up capacities of graduates with such viable projects; and helping them to get access to sources of financing and to market outlets.

Others are identifying young Cameroonians with certificates of high standing and exposing them to opportunities from which they could take advantage of. They also plan to create opportunities for such distinguished graduates to get involved in carrying out research with more experienced individuals and institutions so as to build up their own capabilities. The Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndongo recalled that the GETEC program was launched in 2017, to enable young graduates from both public and private Universities come up with futuristic projects that could lead to useful inventions and innovations. “This memorandum of understanding creates a favourable opportunity for the best graduates in our Educational System to realize government’s dream of one student one job one enterprise,” Fame Ndongo stated. He added that the policy of government to encourage the best students obtain post graduate degree and even doctorate, code named LMD, (Licence- Master-Doctorat) was intended to create a balance between academic training and job creation, stressing that a Cameroon graduate ought to be an embodiment of some knowledge that could be put to practical use.

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