Mayors in Adamaoua Region Strive for Better Competences on Financial Management

Ensuring quality financial accounts is at the centre of a five-day capacity building workshop for mayors and some council officials in the Adamaoua region. While presiding at the opening ceremony in Ngaoundere, the secretary general at the Adamaoua governor’s office called on local development actors to use their knowledge acquired and better the living condition of the local population.

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The well-being of communities depends largely on the effort made by the local councils in governing such communities. In areas where the population is dying need of basic amenities and infrastructure, the managerial attitudes of concern local councils become questionable. In 2015 report, the supreme audit bench of the Supreme Court noted with dissatisfaction certain irregularities contained in the financial reports of public accountants of nationwide and particularly the Adamaoua region in particular. To look for lasting solutions mayors and other municipalities’ authorities from all the 21 councils in the Adamaoua region for five days will better competences on financial management and production of public accounts for the benefit of the local population and for an optimal performance. The secretary general at the Tibati council Ismalia expressed the hope that their councils will be better managed as far as budget is concern. This is because it has been proven that projects intended to better the conditions of living of the local population in the Adamaoua region are either siphon or allocated to the inappropriate areas. This leaves the local population in the dark with little or no basic amenities in some cases. He expressed the hope that from the similar and also the exchanges made what they knew and were doing will henceforth be done very well. The techniques acquired to give a new impetus to the management of public finances in the Adamaoua region by mayor’s and municipal amenities.

Representing the minister of decentralization and local development at the opening ceremony of the workshop in Ngaoundere, the secretary general at the Adamaoua governor’s office Etienne Lodovic Omgwa rejoiced over the determination of the local development actors to see their communities developed. He pleaded on the council authorities to vote projects in their budgets that are geared toward improving the conditions of living of the local population. The mayors were told that the ministry of decentralization and local development was created by the head of state in order to speed up the decentralization process in the country. And mayors are among the main actors in the decentralization process. He opted for a rigorous and efficient use of all available resources at their disposal to improve on the living standard of the population of the Adamaoua region.

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