New Generation Festival on Unity and Peace in Cameroon.

Some two thousands youth from the Centre African sub region are meeting in Yaoundé to promote the ideas of unity of love unity and peace. The event organized by the Focalari movement was presided over by the Apostolic Nuncio to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea Julio Murat in the presence of the minister of youth affairs and civic education Mounouna Foutsou personal, representative of the head of state President Paul Biya.


The new generation festival (GENFEST) is an initiative of the youth for a united world of the focalari movement aimed at promoting unity, love and universal fraternity amongst the Cameroonian youth as explained by the coordinator of the focalari movement in the Centre African sub regions BertinTshibamba, the government has always supported the initiative of the new generation festival through the ministry of youth affairs and civic education. While praising President Paul Biya for promoting such festival that seek to inculcate values of love and unity in the nation Cameroon, the youth prayed for their counterpart that are highly hit in the two English speaking regions of the country.

The activities organized in Yaoundé Cameroon by the youth for united world were prolongation activities to mark the 11th edition of the new generation festival which head in a month ago in Manila Philippines with the head of state of Cameroon highly represented by officials from the Ministry of youth affairs and civic education. The over 2000 youth at the festival who came from the ten regions of the country and the sub region ceased the occasion to thank president Paul Biya for the three year emerging youth programs that is geared at reducing youth unemployed. Attended by traditional, administrative and religious authorities the new generation festival was mark by musical concerts, video projections on the dangers of war and educative talks on peace and national unity in Cameroon.

All these to the satisfaction of the participants who promised to be promoters of peace in their various regions especially at the time when juvenile delinquency is very high amongst most youth .Addressing the youth, the ministry of youth affairs and civic education MounounaFoutsou personal representative of the head of state said that government greatly relies on the youth for a prosperous Cameroon adding the youth are tomorrow leaders .He added that government is doing everything possible to look into plight of the youth. Founded in Italy in 1943 by Chiara Lubich a catholic Christian, the focalari movement is an inclusive international association with the youth for a united world being one of it maim organ .they are present in over one hundred and eighty countries in the world Cameroon inclusive.

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