North West Region. Head of State Congratulates Forces of Law and Order

The minister of territorial administration and decentralization in Cameroon, Paul Atanga Nji has extended the Head of State’s congratulations to the forces of law and order in the North West region who have kept public order under control due to the sociopolitical upheavals. Paul Atanga Nji was speaking recently in Bamenda at a meeting to evaluate the situation in the North West region ahead of the October 7 polls and school resumption for the 2018/2019 school year.

Emmanuel NGOTA

Conscious of the looming security treats in the north and south west region ahead of the presidential poll come October 7 coupled with the resumption of the 2018/2019 academic year, the minister of territorial administration and decentralization Paul Atanga Nji deemed it mandatory to evaluate the security situation which has been treated for sometimes now on the ground by certain secessionists groups. Addressing the law enforcement officers of the North West region, Minister Paul Atanga Nji extended the Head of State’s congratulatory message towards their efforts at preserving the territorial integrity of Cameroon. He described the governor of the north region west and his collaborators as people who are doing a wonderful job to ensure a serine atmosphere in a region that has been rocked by crises in the past two years. He was very disappointed at the fact that for certain reasons the education of innocent children in some part of the region have been sacrifice by those claiming to be fighting for the Anglophone struggle. Minister Paul Atanga Nji also reminded the administrative and legal authorities of the North West region of the immediate challenges which awaits them especially as the country prepares for the October elections. He said the government of Cameroon through its President, Paul Biya will provide the necessary logistics that will ensure security.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji also had a strong worded message to those hiding in the bushes and perpetrating atrocities of all sorts. To such people he promised hard times from the government which will not relent its efforts and strategies to counteract their malicious acts. He said that the President of the Republic has given firm instructions for those committing atrocities to be severely punished for their crimes according to the laws that have been put in place. He insisted that Cameroon is a state of law wherein it citizens must comply with the regulations put in place and no one is above the law and justice system in Cameroon.

During an meeting between the minister of territorial administration and the law enforcement officers to hand down the instructions of the Head of State, new strategies for a smooth kick off of the upcoming school year were adopted.

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