Regional Governors discuss security, back to school and AFCON

The government is stepping up security measures, at a time when the last accademic year was on the rocks and the nation braces up to host AFCON’s new format in 2019. Regional governors needed orientation so a uniform plan of action is executed. Thus a crucial Governor’s meeting last July 24 2017.

Reshufflement in the security sector is linked to new dispensations that Governors have to coordinate. Security at the country’s borders, waters, and roads would be on strict check for  possible boko haram attacks, crimes, drug abuse and other security threats. New security strategies are being deviced and the Governors have been updated on these in tgeir recent meeting.

A new school year is about to start following a rather tough one which just ended. The Anglo phone regions were hard hit by a crisis which crippled studies for many. Most schools stayed closed and in spite of government’s efforts to save the school year, it was a very rough one. The state looks forward to a better school year coming up.

The Governors discussed this issue with focus on working towards the re-opening of schools which stayed closed in the North west and South West regions. From the recent mobilisation of mission schools to re-open, Governors are positive about the safe take off of the school year, especially given their commitment to the course.

The Africa Cup of nations to be hosted by Cameroon in July 2019 was another topic discussed by the Regional Governors. Theirs is to oversea the execution of these projects with respect to deadlines.

N. Medoung

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