Traditional Rulers in the East and Far-North Regions Condemn Post Electoral Conflict

Traditional rulers and heads of communities in the Lom and Njerem and Diamare divisions of the East and Far North regions have condemned any form of post electoral violence and made their position known in relation to the declaration made by one of the independent candidates who took part in the 2018 presidential election. This was during a meeting convened by the paramount ruler of Bertoua his Majesty Ebang Ngari Jean Pierre and the governor of the Far North region. The traditional rulers have unanimously expressed their trust in the institutions of the state of Cameroon and have called on vigilance for people living in the East and Far North regions.

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The Cameroon artist town in downtown Bertoua of the East region was the venue of the meeting that brought together traditional rulers of the Lom and Njerem division. Taking the floor, the paramount ruler of Bertoua his Majesty Ebang Ngari Jean Pierre drew a brief picture of the challenges Cameroon faces ahead if issues such as the unilateral declaration of the MCR candidate Prof Maurice Kamto for claiming his victory in the recent poll is ignored. To him it is the duty of every Bertoua chief to condemn such acts without reservation. His majesty Ebang Ngari Jean Pierre praised other candidates for their patients and prayed that the security situation in the country should not be further compromised by Prof Maurice Kamto undertakings. The deliberations in Bertoua in the East region by traditional rulers with a signing of a declaration by all the participants in which they sympathized with the violation on the laws of the Republic of Cameroon and reaffirmed their support in state institutions especially to the person who brilliantly incarnate them, president Paul Biya.

Over in the Diamare division of the Far North region, the custodians of tradition have said no to all forms of acts that can jeopardized peace and social cohesion in Cameroon and yes to the promotion of one an indivisible Cameroon and peace during this post electoral period. The custodians of tradition made their declaration in Maroua in a meeting chaired by the Far North governor Midji Yawa Bakary. During the meeting the governor reminded the traditional rulers of their role as auxiliary in the administration of Cameroon and told them to educate their local population on the dangers of war and other forms of post electoral violence. He further proposed that vigilance committee should be set up in most neighborhoods in the town of Maroua so as to report any suspected behavior and educate the locals on the need to wait for the official proclamation of the presidential election. Equally present at the Maroua meeting were traditional rulers from the West, North West and South West region residing in the Far North region who all came out to show their willingness to promote peace in Cameroon.

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